FHA / Conventional

This Cash Out/Debt Consolidation program is for ALL homeowners who qualify – Regardless of where you are in life, use your home to consolidate high interest credit card debt, pad your savings account or pay for whatever you need or want. 80% of your home’s value is available today!

FHA / Conventional – Debt Consolidation / Cashout

If you are a homeowner, this program is for you! First Federal Bank is here to help you achieve your financial goals. Use up to 90% of your house value however you choose:
  • Consolidate Debt – Need to get rid of those monthly credit card and other payments? This is the perfect way to consolidate into 1 lower monthly payment!
  • Home Improvements – Kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation or home addition – Update your home and reinvest to raise its value!
  • Need cash for college tuition? This could be a smart way to pay for it.
  • Less than perfect credit – this program can help your credit score, too.
With First Federal Bank, the loan process is simple and easy. Our experienced professionals will walk you through the process from beginning to end. What might seem overwhelming and complicated will be explained to you in language that you will understand. Let us help you on your way to financial stability with a debt consolidation / cashout loan today!

See how much you could qualify for!

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