Natalie Wenda

Natalie Wenda

Business Developer

Phone: 224-218-2920
Fax: 877-935-7431
NMLS #: 1463412

About Me

Natalie Wenda is a business developer at FFB with 12 years of experience in the banking industry. Her previous business handling of banking services as a teller included business loans, checking/savings accounts, debit and credit cards as well as merchant services. As a very positive and compassionate person she holds herself to highest standards. Value is her key driver that allows her to strive and want to make a positive difference for the Veterans, active duty military men and women and their families.

What makes Natalie a natural fit? Her moral compass and her ability to effectively communicate and understand the individual opposite her. She currently resides with her loving and supportive husband, a beautiful son and daughter and two gentle giants: a Great Dane and Bull Mastiff. At the end of the day the biggest reward to being able to provide an opportunity to make a difference is a simple thank you.